Police Raid At Annie Khalids Wedding...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pakistani Pop Star Annie Khalid's Wedding Get Raid..

Lahore District Government Officials tried to arrest Singer Annie Khalid’s husband Malik Noureed Awan today, for disobeying the rules of District Government.
Lahore Government officials, being unaware of the illness of pop singer Annie and her celebrity status, raided on the wedding ceremony today and tried to arrest the Dulha Malik Noureed Awan for not obeying the rules. In Punjab, specially in Lahore, any marriage ceremony is required to get wrapped up before 10 Pm.
As the bride Annie fell sick at last time and later returned back to her wedding ceremony a bit late. The officials took the matter in hands and forcefully tried to close the event ceremony. That wasn’t just all, they also tried to arrest the millionaire guy , Malik Noureed Awan. According to Geo News, a fight was also seen between the relatives of Malik Noureed and district Govt. 

Mahnoor Baloch in Hollywood Movie TORN

Saturday, September 1, 2012

 Following the news that Pakistani TV Actress Mahnoor Baloch has been featured in a Hollywood Movie, we have got some pictures and snapshots from the movie.
The movie is titled as “TORN” and Mahnoor will be playing a role of Maryam, a mother. The movie tells the story of Two mothers from very different Worlds, bond after their teenage sons are killed in an explosion at a suburban mall, only to discover one of their sons is the prime suspect.
Starring : Mahnoor Baloch, Dendrie Taylor, Faran Tahir, Sharon Washington, and John Heard Directed By Jeremiah Birnbaum
Produced By : Michael Richter, Jeremiah Birnbaum, James Burke, Shoieb Yunus, and Jawad Qureshi                                    

The movie is slated to release in 2013

Annie Khalid gets hospitalised on her Wedding Day

Annie Khalid who got married with a UAE based Businessman Malik Noureed Awan , has got hospitalized today on her most memorable day of life i.e her Wedding Ceremony.
The Nikaah ceremony had already been organized before Ramadhan and Annie’s Rukhshati was due to happen right after Eid ul Fitr. Today, as many industry insiders know, was the wedding ceremony of Annie Khalid. The place where the guests were invited, had been fully accommodated with well-wishers, who were there to congratulate the new couple.
Soon after the event ceremony was started, they came to know that the bride Annie has got ill. Unfortunately, Annie couldn’t come to her own wedding ceremony, as the nature of her illness was serious. According to Geo News, Annie has been hospitalised (admitted in a hospital in Lahore).
We wish her the quickest recovery! May she get recovered soon.
Below is one picture of the couple, Annie Khalid and Malik Noureed Awan, on their Mehndi Ceremony

Shaista Wahidi With Kareena Kapoor

Shaista Wahidi Divorced

Well-known female TV Show host Shahista Wahidi who is also a sister of TV host Sahir Lodhi has finally broke up with her husband as they both finally gets divorced.

The reason behind the split up is due to her husband’s unacceptability of giving his wife a free hand to carry on as a media celebrity, dancing in live shows and showing off expensive clothes.

Earlier, there were several unauthentic reports regarding the divorce news and it was not sure that either she was absent from Geo TV due to her health or a conflict with her husband.

According to the news, the reason that gave the final cccc to the marriage was her husband’s disapproval for the indecent activities like dancing and getting extra over on the show. He was also against of showing off her expensive clothes. Not only this, but it was recently that Shaista also disappeared from Geo TV few time back from her Divorce. Rumors now say that it was her husband who became a reason for her disappearance.
The matter is taken as curiosity within the showbiz as both, Shaista Wahidi and her brother, Sahir Lohdi are avoiding to answer media about the news and the things related to it. However, at the same time, Shaista is now free and looking forward to a better future in her Showbizz life. Whatever it is, but giving up a happy family life for the passion to be famous, is something most of the Pakistanis would condemn on the basis of the traditional approach within the country.
Anyway, we wish both of them a peaceful life now,

Waqas Islam

Click Here To Watch Shaista Interviewing Kareena

Shaista With Kareena

Shaista With Her Husbend

Students ..!!! Hahahahahha

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Emraan with his cute son Ayaan :)

Friday, August 31, 2012

An Amazing Eye Make up..

How to make a Lamp..? Its Amazing :)

Shahid Kapoor In 1999 :)

The Return of “ Ainak Wala Jin ”

Thursday, August 30, 2012

If you are a Pakistani and did not watch Ainak Wala Jin on your television, then I am sorry to say you must have had a boring childhood. The title is enough to make anyone go hyper and feel like a kid again! Ainak Wala Jin, the most popular show on Pakistan Television ever, is returning to the big screens.
Shahzad Qaiser, who played the main character Nastoor Jin, is ready for the return and has stated, “We will start the series from where its first part ended. The drama series is being started again to provide fun in a healthy atmosphere to people belonging to all age groups including children, women and men.” After being tired of the vulgarity portrayed in the media for the sake of ‘entertainment’, Shahzad could not be happier for the return and has revealed that most of the staff is coming back.
The show achieved much success and popularity due to special effects by mere chroma key technique (a big deal in the early 1990s) and considering the fact how much the technology has evolved over the years, the show will undoubtedly be even better than before.
The show is to hit big screens on Eid-ul-Azha and as per Shahzad’s hope, it may be titled “Nastoor Jin Ki Wapsi”. This Eid, we saw Batman and Robin team up again but the next Eid definitely belongs to Nastoor and Zakoota.

LG releases ‘world’s largest’ ultra-definition TV

Sunday, August 26, 2012

LG releases ‘world’s largest’ ultra-definition TV 
The company released an ultra-definition TV with an 84-inch (213-cm) screen to the local market, with a price tag of $22,067 (RS 2.1million) 
SEOUL: South Korea’s LG Electronics on Wednesday began sales of what it claims is the world’s largest ultra-definition television, with a view to expanding its share of the premium TV market.
The company released an ultra-definition TV with an 84-inch (213-cm) screen to the local market, with a price tag of 25 million won ($22,067).
Overseas sales will kick off in Europe and the United States next month ahead of releases in Asia and Latin America, it added.
The new product comes as global manufacturers seek to drive slowing sales by producing premium TVs with bigger screens and sharper images.
LG, the world’s number two TV manufacturer, said the new model features not only a large screen but also resolution higher than existing high-definition models, which makes viewers feel “the sense of reality and presence”.
Earlier this year top player Samsung Electronics released a 75-inch full HD TV and Japan’s Sharp unveiled a 90-inch model.

Shahid Kapoor On Very Old PEPSI ad

Wednesday, August 22, 2012